Cycle 4 Leukaemia

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Nothing on this planet prepares you for when a Doctor is going to say ..........  " You`ve got Cancer " ! Those 3 words still ring so clearly in my mind , but I learnt one thing that day ! There is no future worrying about ; "what if" and "maybe" because it will literally eat you alive . You`ve just got to make the best of a really bad situation and fight !!! You`ve got the biggest cage brawl on your hands and that fight started 9 years ago for me :) .

On your bike Mike - keeping fit in isolation .

Wars begin where you will but they do not always end where you please . Suffering is essential to a good life - it is a great enhancer . Each time I encounter suffering I believe that I grow and further re-define my capabilities .

This is not a playground , you don`t fly through Cancer - you struggle , slowly and painfully and maybe , if you work very hard , you get out of it alive . Good strong people get Cancer and they do all the right things to beat it and they still don`t make it. This is the startling reality that you learn through your journey , I could die , and after you learn it - all other things seem irrelevant .

You don`t know it yet ... but we`re the lucky ones .

I don`t ever want to disrespect the disease , you can never turn your back on it , you have to keep on fighting .  I believe Cancer patients are born with a unique ability to be able to fight with an amazing amount of pride and confidence - that`s why , maybe , we`re the lucky ones .  

Why do I ride if I have Leukaemia ? Well , if I could continue to move then somehow I wouldn`t be sick .

You can`t take it with you . Be it money , talent , patience, love - whatever your gift is , you can`t take it with you .

So what are you going to do with it while you`re here ? Who have you lifted up , who have you made better , who have you helped out? Life is not a measure of how much you have but what you have given . 

Some people have money , some people have talent, some people have patience and some people have love - what ever your gift is - we all have something to give ... so help your fellow man .

No one is perfect , you just do the best you can with what you have ! 
Well trying to help others through fundraising while doing extreme endurance events is what I can do .
This is my chance to make a difference .
I invite you to join me on my important mission. With your help we will continue to awaken the spirit of hope in all of us.  






A chance to make a difference